15 April 2011

Nice Evening

Cindi and Crys share birthdays within the same week, so it's become expected that Scott and I take both ladies out to a place of their choosing to celebrate.  We ended up at Shenanigans this time.  Cindi and I feasted on their Fish and Chips and I enjoyed a Guinness while she sipped on a White Russian.  Then back to Scott and Crys's for pinochle.  I'm very happy to report that the men trounced the women (well, we won by one game), and that the REASON the women lost was because a certain ding-dong overlooked a run in her hand (hint:  not the ding dong I'm married to - the other one).  Beating them on their birthday celebration just sort of made the day complete, if you know what I mean!  :)


Randy Asburry said...

Nice to know the wives (at least certain wife teams) can lose at Pinochle. Must be the beginning of a trend?

William Weedon said...