04 April 2011

One of Sunday's Joys

"I baptize you in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit"

The anointing - "Almighty God...strengthen you with His grace"
"Receive this white garment to show you have been clothed in Christ's righteousness that covers all your sin..."

"Receive this burning light to show you have received Christ who is the Light..."


William Weedon said...

Before you ask...no we do not allow flash photography during any worship service. But I always forget that folks may not know our church etiquette and so I didn't announce that ahead of time as I should. As result, we had flashes throughout the Baptism. I tried to concentrate on the prayers and reading and the grace of Baptism and not think about the very innocent and sweet young man who was flashing away and no idea how contrary to our practice it was. The result, though, was some nice pics of an actual Baptism.

Anonymous said...

"Receive this burning light .... Now blow it out."

This is of little consequence, but watching the candle being extinguished as soon as the rite concludes always gives me an awkward feeling. Musing over alternatives, I've been thinking it might be richly symbolic to use a somewhat larger candle and place it on or near the altar for the duration of the service.

Mimi said...

Many Years to the Newly Illumined. What beautiful, big eyes!

Unknown said...

I really like the second picture where you can see the water droplets.