12 April 2011

Yup, it's that time of the year again...

...and the lilacs are blooming and sending their sweet smells wafting across the lawn.  Whitman invariably comes to mind:  "When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd..."  We even got a new bush this year (thanks to Jean and Mark Luchtefeld, and planted by Scotty Miller), but it's not blooming yet.  The old ones are, though:


Sue said...

I miss my lilacs! At my previous home, I had 3 - white, lavender, and dark purple. The scent in the back yard could be overwhelming on a warm day, but they were lovely. There was a huge wind storm one April and I woke to find an entire fork of the dark purple one lying across my deck. After church I went out and cut as many as I could and made a trip to the cemetery, where I was able to place large bouquets on all 8 graves. (Sunday was sunny, of course - after the storm!)

Anonymous said...

Can almost smell them. Nice photos. From Mark: This bush is naturally a late bloomer. If it blooms this year it will be even later because of the transplant. Hopefully, this will extend your lilac appreciation further into the Spring. Jean

Anonymous said...

In Minnesota lilacs and peonies bloomed about Memorial Day. The school children brought bouquets of them and we had a procession, with the veterans, out to the town cemetery, where they were put in jars on each service man's grave. A scout played taps, after some speeches. (I'm afraid we kids didn't absorb the speeches.)

I am looking at your pictures, Pr. Weedon, and wishing I could smell them. I suppose my grandfather's lilacs, my Dad's and mine were leveled in the tornado last June.

We had all those colors, too, Sue.


David Clapper said...

Sue & Helen,

Come and visit us in May ... http://www.lilacfestival.com/

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a lovely thought, David.
I wish I could come.
(Does the lilac perfume smell like the real thing? Does anyone mail order it?)