02 June 2011

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

We quite readily imagine that we are actors performing before God to gain His applause rather than beggars receiving His gifts. -- Dr. John Kleinig, *Grace upon Grace* p. 38.


Anonymous said...

One of the great misconceptions of
worship is that God is the audience
and the parish members perform for
Him. In some parishes the choir
is up front instead of the balcony
and the impression is given that they
are serenading God on behalf of the

In Worship God has more to give us
than we can give to Him, Absolution,
Word, Sacrament, Benediction.

Larry Luder said...


You bring up a very good point. The choir and musicians being up front, in many ways appears to be a performance, very problematic. I would even go as far as it being distracting, because the performance appears to be attempting to entertain the parishioners as well as God. But then again some sanctuaries are stuck with a poor design. Intentional? Who knows. And what God gives the world by grace is even more amazing. All we can offer back is thanks and praises and our bodies as living sacrifices to the glory of his holy name. Pale in comparison what we can ever give back as you noted. More times than often we fall short in our good works and and vile in our sinful behavior. So back be come each week to his Divine Liturgy on bent knees as beggars, to receive his gifts.