11 June 2011

'Twas absolutely delightful

to have Lauren stop in for a few days (Dean was at a camp), even WITH the critters - Dudley the autistic coon hound and Bilbo the grouchy cat.  Having her around for a few days reminded me of how very much I miss the kids.  Bekah lives on her own; David ostensibly lives here - though we rarely see him for more than the time it takes to woof down an occasional meal; and obviously Lauren and Dean are on their own.  I miss the days of a full table EVERY day and lots of laughter, argument, and conversation, and it makes me treasure all the more the rare (and growing rarer) occasions when we can all be together.

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Becky said...

I couldn't agree more. Everything is better when the whole family can get together. This weekend we celebrated my Mom's 80th birthday, and ALL of us got to be together. First time in ... I don't even know how long. With Dad, Mom and the four of us "kids", our kids, and their kids, there are 36 of us ... for now. There's another one due in December. LOTS of fun!