04 June 2011

Whirlwind Trip to Chicago and Back

for Board of Regents.  Thursday night, didn't sleep well anyway, and then up at 5:00.  We hit the road by six and were in Oak Park by around 10:30.  Quickly changed and then we walked up to the University.  Luncheon began at noon, and then meetings started at 1 p.m.  We went to the Johnson's for some wine and appetizers afterwards, and then off to dinner.  Cindi had selected an Indian restaurant and I made an utter pig of myself - was definitely waddling when we left.  It was quite tasty, needless to say.  Visited the hotel bar for an after dinner drink, caught a wee bit of the Cards vs. Cubs - and joined a few others in cheering on the Cards - strangers in an alien land...  After not sleeping well for the second night, up early this morning and enjoyed a brief breakfast at local bagelry.  Meetings wrapped up before noon, and we drove back to Oak Park for lunch at the Jerusalem Grill and then hit the road.  It was difficult staying awake for the drive home - blazing hot and just wanted to nod off.  Had to stop again and again for coffee and to wake up.  Finally called Pr. Gleason to ask him to take the service by himself tonight.  Pulled in, unloaded, and took a nap!  Now up and groggy; it will be an early evening.


Anonymous said...

It's impossible for me not to be a pig at an Indian restaurant. All that curry, rice pudding, and nan...yum yum, yum.

Jeremy Loesch said...

Hope you get some rest. Thanks for your service at my old school.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your actual meeting time
as a regent was about 6 hours. No
one knows if anything was achieved
that could not have been done by
conference call.

Signed by:
Someone who has attended too many
meetings with no meaningful agenda
or results.

William Weedon said...

About 6.5 hours. It was, however, in my opinion a rather productive 6.5 hours on a couple of important issues.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the 50ish Weedon is
starting to feel the effects of
whirlwind trips in the car.
Carpooling allows one to sleep
to and from destination when
not driving. This would make
Cindi the designated driver
and Will the designated sleeper.

Anonymous said...

Cindi is Never the designated driver on long trips. William likes to do the driving...Cindi does not. However, Cindi will take the wheel for an hour or two so William can get some rest. Not sure how much rest he usually gets though because he is probably worried that Cindi will make a wrong turn.