26 June 2011

Whirlwind Weekend!

Saturday began with Ray Blase's memorial service - great joy, and yet sadness, for he shall be sorely missed.  The choir did such a wonderful job on the anthem:  "Surely It Is God Who Saves Me."  Everyone commented on it.  I think they really sang for Ray.  And then the basement was packed for the dinner afterwards - good to see some Blase relatives and friends we don't often get to see.  Cindi and I came home and began a serious cleanup and getting supper going.  The rest of the paraments arrived and I got them up in Church.  Dave and Jo joined us for some cards in the afternoon (better luck next time, Jo!), and then Matt, Cami, and Annaliese arrived and joined us for supper and spent the night.  Matt is a friend from various places on the internet, and he is a member of the parish I vicared at:  Holy Trinity in Garfield, NJ. Today we did a single service with Bible Class preceding - singing was bright and joyous in Church.  Afterwards, we took a billion pictures (it seemed like) and yet it all went relatively quickly - thank you so much to Dana and Marc and Linda and Beth for organizing that so well.  Can't wait to see the results!  After the potluck, we came home and played a couple games of sevens with Lauren while Bekah snoozed a bit and David and Meaghan headed out to the movies.  I got some work finished up (bulletin for next Sunday and Bible Class for Wednesday) and squeezed in a brief snooze. Now, it's just David and Meaghan here for dinner and we're doing pancakes (don't worry, Lauren, you're not missing out because we're not making bacon) - yes, Virginia, there IS a delicious low-carb pancake recipe (yet another one of Dana Carpenter's outstanding recipes).  I think it will be an EARLY evening - very little sleep last night due to the storms rolling through.

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Becky said...

Two things -
Thing 1: My father always ushered our family to the front of the church, even when we were little kids. So, that's what I got used to doing, and I still do (unless I walk in late.) On Sundays like today when the church is competely full, one of the biggest perks of sitting down front is hearing all of those voices singing together. It was great!
Thing 2 - You took a nap???!