21 June 2011

Speaking of Green...

...come Trinity Sunday, the pastor using LSB is given a choice of three "common" prefaces for the season.  I confess that my favorite is common preface II - which echoes the eucharistic anaphora of Hippolytus (having created all things, took on human flesh and was born of the Virgin Mary...to put an end to death, thus fulfilling Your will and gaining for You a holy people).  Historically in the LCMS before the advent of the Common Service (which, I believe, prescribed the Trinity preface for the whole of Trinity), the preface now listed under St. Michael and All Angels was the prescribed preface for a regular, non-festive Sunday:  "through Him Your majesty is praised by all the holy angels, celebrated with one accord by the heavens and all the powers therein.  The cherubim and seraphim sing Your praise, and with them, we laud and magnify Your name, evermore praising You and saying..."

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