06 October 2011

Cwirla on Steve...good stuff

Read it here.


Chris said...

I don't understand why so many Lutheran pastors (e.g. you and Cwirla) are so concerned that Steve Jobs didn't stick with the Lutheran faith, although the evidence that he abandoned it outright doesn't seem to be there It seems that you are so concerned with having a celebrity who is Lutheran. Why is that? There are, I'm sure, many famous men and women in modern American life who are Lutheran. Why are you clamoring or rather lamenting that Steve Jobs may not have been one of your own?

It's amazing how many reports I've read about specifically Lutheran pastors lamenting that Steve Jobs didn't end this life in the Lutheran Church (at least to what extent you think he did). Heaven fore-fend! Most of these laments come dangerously close to speculating as to Steve's salvation. The only one who has explicitly not done this is Pr. McCain, which to me is surprising since he seems to spend lots of time speculating on the salvation of Lutheran pastors who left Lutheranism and became Eastern Orthodox priests.

Steve Jobs is dead. Leave it at that but pray for him that the Lord would show him mercy. Indeed, we should do that with all of the dead, regardless of their church affiliation or lack thereof.

carwal said...

Reread his blog. He does think it would be cool if he had stayed Lutheran (mostly because it would have increased his chances of meeting him in person) BUT his big point is falling from "faith". He also says that no one is privy to the final conversation with God at the time of death so he can't speculate on his salvation. Do we know for certain that he left the faith? No one can know anyone's heart BUT we are judged by the fruits of our faith. Hopefully a spark remained that allowed him to look to Jesus as his Savior in his final hour.
And now we pray for his family. That God would bring them comfort and that the Holy Spirit would work faith in their lives.