30 October 2011

Wow, oh, wow!

Absolutely wonderful Divine Service today for Reformation.  We used Setting V.  The congregation belted out the songs; the Jubilate Deo group did outstanding under Carlo's leadership.  They sang stanza two of "A Mighty Fortress," Kyrie, God Father; the choir parts of Festive Gloria; and alternate verses in the Hymn of the Day which picked up again during the Distribution.  The whole thing was amazingly powerful and rich.  And Carlo finishing it with Toccata and Fugue in D minor, well, icing on the cake!  And next week it only notches up a little higher with All Saints!  Love this time of the year from now, say, through PENTECOST!

Pr. Gleason said after the first liturgy that we really need to do that particular setting of the Divine Service more often; and I totally agree.  But it's a LOT of singing for the congregation to carry on its own without relief from a choral group.  Still, I think we'll have to do so.  God willing, I'll get some of the video posted this week.

"Thanks be to God, thanks be to God, thanks be to God in the highest!"


Pastor Harvey S. Mozolak said...

Will, Wow, I just read the recollections of Steve Job's sister at this death, where she said his dying words were almost a repetion of your title WOW, OH, WOW.... his as he looked at his family and somehow beyond them (or so she said, meaning what, I don't know: "OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW." Somehow I saw you looking at the people, the Eucharist on the altar, the crucifix and yours was a more fixed and certain WOW. Harvey Mozolak

William Weedon said...

A more fixed and certain WOW indeed! You THINK in poetry, Harvey!