11 October 2011

Fall Vacation Over

And it was a nice vacation - a staycation with a bit of writing thrown in.  And some reading (still plugging my way through Gerhard's On the Church, which is so rich and dense in thought I can't do but a couple pages a day; and got started on Warrior Monk), a couple long bike rides, some cooking, cards with family, celebrating David and Meaghan's engagement, and getting in a fair amount of exercise.  Speaking of exercise, I decided to shake things up and switch routines - will be doing 20 minute high-intensity interval training for cardio five days a week; and then doing nautilus training on three of those days.  Want to try to keep that up from now until the wedding.  Oh, and speaking of the wedding, Cindi and I are working David over to get him back in shape.  It's FUN to torture your children with exercise - and get them up at 6 in the morning to go do the stepper with you. Cindi and I decided to give the Wheat Belly diet a try - except for the Sacrament, of course! - and so far have found it quite congenial to our regular low-carbing.  Trying to stick to red wines only for the time being, which means farewell to my beloved Pinot Grigio.  Sadness.  Still, I do love the reds also - Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot.  Truthfully, I think the reds go better with a bite of cheese than do the whites.  On Wheat Belly Diet, cheese is perfectly fine and even can be eaten in unlimited quantities.  I probably shouldn't have read that.  I DO like cheese.  Way too much.  Anywho, tomorrow is back to regular routine:  Chapel for TSP (my first of the year), Pericopal Study (I'm presenting on Trinity 18), lunch with the pastors, a hospital visit, some more writing, a counseling appointment, and Bible Class on Jeremiah 6.


Terry Maher said...

Warrior Monk? What the hell, you gonna be a Sohei? Or maybe Shao-Lin? I can hear it now:

I am ... Weedon.
I ... can ....help ...you.

Speaking of Warrior Monks, whatever happened to Scuttlebutt? He, or at least his blog, went TU before I got the hotline number to the pizza joint he promised me.

J.G.F. said...

Ray Keating was a member of my church for years. They moved on a few years back. I'm godfather to his son, Jonathan.

William Weedon said...

John, that explains so freaking much!

J.G.F. said...