19 October 2011

A David Like Moment

So I have two pairs of black loafers - one pair older and more worn than the other.  This morning, I pack my bag for the gym and head out, putting in two loafers.  Only after I shower and go to put on my shoes do I realize that I have with me TWO right shoes.  Sigh.  So, I try it out. Can you walk with two right shoes?  I make it to the car and decide this is hopeless and silly.  Well, there was nothing for it.  I was dressed all in black, but out came the gray vibrams and I wore them today.  To many comments and quizzical looks, I might add.


Dcn. Muehlenbruch said...
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Mark said...

Pictures! I want to see pictures of the newest clerical fashion trend.

Pastor Peters said...

Never, never, never purchase shoes that look alike! Once I was standing in church on Sunday am and my wife noticed that I had one brown and one black shoe on... they were the same exact style but different colors. So much for trying not to turn on a light and disturb my still sleeping wife when I leave for church early on Sunday am!!