05 October 2011


Jobs has died.  I think I'm one of the relatively few nuts who stuck with Apple through the bad years (when Steve was in exile).  I've never ever worked on any other type of computer.  I still remember Bob Clark unloading on my first Apple ][ and cutting my teeth on it back at Redeemer Lutheran in Burlington N.C..  Since then, I've enjoyed a ][C, a ][GS, a Mac SE 30, a Performa, the first iMac, the second generation iMac, two iBooks (yes, including the infamous toilet seat), a MacBook, an iPod mini, an iPhone (3 and 4) and an iPad 2.  I THINK that's all.  But I've been with Apple since 1986.  That's 25 years that the Apple way of doing things has shaped my interactions, my writing, even my way of thinking about this, that or the other.  I'm saddened that Steve is no longer at the helm; but I trust that Jonathan Ives will still be serving up really good stuff for us.  I'm praying that in his last hours, Jobs remembered his catechism, the stuff laid out in his Lutheran background, the hope of a Savior who answered for all his sins and who died to defeat death itself.

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