11 October 2011

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

We have departed neither from the catholic faith nor the church catholic; rather, we have retained the catholic faith and have renounced the errors, idol-madness, and superstitions that have been brought into the church.  In fact, instead of having departed from the faith of the catholic church, much rather we have not even departed from the faith of the Roman church to the extent that it agrees with the old catholic and apostolic faith.  We admit that we have departed from not a few articles of the modern Roman faith.  But this is not a defection from the old catholic faith, but rather a return to the original catholic faith that has been deformed in many ways in the Roman church with new inventions, superstitions, and additions, and is a turning back to Christ as the only teacher of the faith. -- Blessed Johann Gerhard, On the Church, p. 344.

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