01 October 2011

Oh, I left out a little detail...

Many moons ago, I was fretting at work for having done something stupid - I don't even remember what it was - and my brother Joe (for whom I was working), told me:  "Billy, don't worry about that.  You don't need common sense.  Others will take care of stuff like that for you. You've got your own gift."  I was comforted by that, after getting over the insult.  I mean, it's true that I DON'T have common sense.  But every once in a while I forget and try to do something that I have no business doing.

So...my computer's battery is rather warped.  It makes the laptop wobble on the table.  So I was showing Cindi the other day, when lo and behold, the little turn thing that you have to put a coin in to turn and release the battery, well, it came unglued.  I had other things to do and so forgot about it.  Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and thought about my battery, swelling in my laptop at home (while I was in Chicago) and prayed the Lord that it wouldn't explode or something during the night.  I decided when I got home, I'd take care of it.

So I did.  I managed to get the thing turned, popped out the battery, and then to fix the little turn thingy.  No problem.  Super glue, right?  And more is better than less, right?  Oh, my.  I went to turn it and realized that I got it on my hands.  And if it were on my hands...then I put too much into the little plastic thingy and it was now CEMENTED into my laptop, with no chance of it turning.  No chance of putting a new battery back in.  David says:  "You do realize that's what holds airplanes together, don't you?"  Oops.

So, I now have a desktop that looks exactly like a laptop.  All it lacks is a BATTERY.  And I am still lacking in common sense.  Just like Joseph said.  And as long as I remember that, then I don't get into too much trouble.  It's when I forget and attempt to "fix" things that trouble arises.  I promise from now on, I'll rely solely on Cindi's wisdom.  She knows how to glue things.

Anyone know how to get it off my fingers???

P.S.  I did this before unpacking.  I carried all the stuff in and left it sitting in the living room.  Cindi said:  "I thought you'd realize it was something that could wait until we had time to really look at it.  You had other things to do."  Sigh.

P.S.S.  Yes, David is my son.  I didn't MEAN to bequeath this to him, but I apparently did.  Thank heavens, the girls take after their mommy.


Kevin Scheuller said...

Have you tried nail polish remover to get it off of your hands?:


Having read and comprehended well your blog post, dear brother, I would suggest that you have Cindi read the instructions on the above web link carefully and give you the proper aid. ;')

I will pray for your well-being. Please pray for mine. I'm driving to Miamisburg, OH tomorrow to look for a house for my family. While you're at it, pray I find a house.

Pastor Harvey S. Mozolak said...

is there a definition somewhere of "coming unglued"? Happy Birthday. Harvey Mozolak

Pastor Peters said...

Hey is this the genius Apple products you rave about???

Rev. Adrian Piazza said...

Dear Brother,

have your dear wife go to superglue remove for your hands.

You call an apple hardware tech make a full confession and do the penance required. if the tech can't get it over the phone, contact me and I will take it to an apple store 20 minutes away and pay your penance.

Rev. Adrian Piazza