16 April 2012

Absolutely loving

how the new house floods with light in the afternoon and evening.  After we get some real furniture in the joint, I will post a few pics.  I did get the yard cut (and my in-laws' next-door).  Still to do tomorrow is weed-wacking.  It took longer than I thought it would, but I absolutely love my electric mower (a black and decker battery operated one). Other news...

Lucy still a bit tentative about the yard, but we are loving opening the deck door, ushering her outside, and letting her wander off to do her business without human accompaniment.

The fellow who lived here left his built in sound systems in the living room and family room.  Wow!  I've been greatly enjoying both.  My iPhone plugs right in and I'm hearing the music like I never heard it before.  The family room has an even better sound system for the movies and such - we watched Cool Runnings and Fried Green Tomatoes so fa.r  When the couch arrives for basement, I intend to do a marathon session on Lord of the Rings.

Cindi and I are having totally opposite reactions.  She HAD to be at the parsonage today to watch them take it down; I HAD NOT to be at the parsonage today to watch it be dismantled.  Mary came and sat with Cindi for a while - thank you, Mary!  I just tried not to think about it and cut grass instead.

Getting ready to go to Jo and Dave's for cards - hoping that Jo will let me win tonight.  About time, don't you think?

I have decided that moving is not for obsessive compulsive sorts.  I'm driving everyone crazy by wanting everything to already be in its place, but it doesn't have a place yet.  I've resigned myself to a mess on the kitchen counter for the time being - but I still start itching as soon as I look at it.  It needs to be PUT AWAY.  I think Bekah and I will be butting heads quite a bit because I simply can't stand to have stuff out of place, and she just doesn't care at the moment.  Grr.

And that's about it from here - oh, except we got to see Jamie for the first time across the yard over in the court.  She is so adorable!


Jeremy Loesch said...

St. Paul's is dismantling the parsonage? Are they not going to have a parsonage in the future?


PS= And about Lucy- she'll get used to the yard, but I will say that I don't mind not having a fenced yard for our Daisy. It does force me to take walks with her, and it doesn't seem fair on rainy days for her to go out all by her lonesome. I've grown fond of our walks because Daisy is a good listener and it is kind of fun to watch her hunt rabbits fruitlessly. But she is getting older, so our walks are a little slower.

William Weedon said...

Comment from Joe Herl, who had trouble posting here:

We've had a Black & Decker battery-operated mower for the past dozen years. It replaced a reel mower. I've never needed to bother with gas or oil, and it has done a great job on our 1/3-acre yard.

Did you get the kind with the removable battery? It's much easier to carry down to the basement to store for the winter without the battery in it.


William Weedon said...

Jeremy, hardy har har. ;) Just dismantling our stuff there. I like to do walks with Lucy too - though she is a very frustrating dog to walk with. And if she sniffs a rabbit, well, it's over. You have to CARRY her home, with her wiggling in your arms all the way. We never walk her without leash because she very foolishly runs to attack or greet every moving vehicle that comes close. Not the brightest beagle in the world...

ORLS said...

I think that's more movies than you have watched in the last year...maybe two.

William Weedon said...

I know. I figure the novelty will rapidly wear off and then I'll rarely watch again...although elections are coming up and I like to watch the returns on those. Puts me to sleep painlessly.

Ryan Tinetti said...

Pastor Weedon,

As you're processing this move, I can't recommend enough Gil Meilaender's essay "Creatures of Place & Time." You can read it here: http://www.firstthings.com/print.php?type=article&year=2007&month=12&title_link=001-creatures-of-place-and-time-reflections-on-moving-26

Print it out. Take and read. Trust me.

Susan said...

Cindi HAS to be at the parsonage as your stuff leaves. You have to NOT be there. Is that just a man/woman thing? I'm thinking of the Marys going to the tomb. They HAD to be there. The man stayed back at Mark's place until they had to go check out the story. Maybe it's just the way woman are -- have to live it right through, even if it hurts to see it.