30 April 2012

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

We now have the same status in the kingdom of God as both the prophets of old and the saints in glory.  We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses who have gone before us, and as Lutherans, we must learn to be comfortable in their presence.  They are standing with us and their voices join our voices in one glorious liturgy.  This is what our liturgy means when it says we celebrate the Lord's Supper "with angels and archangels and with all the company of heaven." -- Arthur Just, The Devotional Life of the Pastor, Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord, pp. 94,95.


Larry Luder said...

Amen. The first time I heard the chanting of the verba was when Dr Just presided over the Mass reverently with smells and bells. It was really beautiful, and it command the attention that something really special and important was about to happen.

--helen said...

Dr. Just is coming to St Paul, Austin, TX for three days, June 4-6
Contact Pr.Sherman Stenson


if you would like to attend this continuing education class. I'm looking forward to it! :)