26 April 2012

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

When I turn my gaze to You upon the cross, I cannot count the witnesses of my comfort.  Your crown of thorns bears witness that I will be given the crown of glory.  Your opened side bears witness to You and to Your Father's genuine, heartfelt faithfulness.  Your five most holy wounds bear witness that I am a child of God.  Your death bears witness that I shall live.  Your tomb bears witness that in the grave I will but rest.  Your resurrection and ascension bear witness that I will pass from the grave to eternal joy.  O Lord Jesus, in You I have all that I need for life and death. -- Blessed Valerius Herberger, The Great Works of God III/IV, p. 220.

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tehazy said...

Herberger is awesome. We have much to learn about meditating upon God's Word from men like him.