18 April 2012

Moving Day

And wouldn't you know it? Today ye olde blog passed one million visits. Wow. Time for meet and greet, don't you think? So visitors, tell us a bit about yourselves!


Steve Bricker said...

Iowan who was raised Methodist, turned Baptist, married Plymouth Brethren with current membership in an independent Bible church. (Does the word pietist come to mind?) I came upon Lutheran doctrine a few years ago and now find myself enamored because it rings true—but you would probably expected that. I have enjoyed your posts here and visits on Issues, Etc.

Jeff C. said...

I have been lurking for quite some time. Found you from ALPB Forum. Also have listened to you on Issues Etc.

I am a former member of an ELCA congregation who split due to the issues exposed by the 2009 CWA. The group who split with folks from other ELCA congregations formed a new congregation and joined the LCMS. Pastors from the SELC are leading the services and advising us as we get established. We are looking to call a pastor.

Throughly enjoy reading your blog and pray for and wish you well as you undertake your new position.

Jeff C.

Weekend Fisher said...

I think I chanced across you through the BBOV blogroll. I'm Lutheran, attending a WELS church, but to me it's "Christ first, the rest ... if it exalts Christ".

Take care & God bless
Weekend Fisher

Fancy said...

Raised to call myself "protestant", but really we were nothing in particular. Started in a Methodist church before marriage in '97, quickly changed to Baptist. Discovered confessional Lutherans in the past few years and stumbled onto your blog along the way. I usually remember to hit it after reading all the bad news at official news sites. I think, "Go to Weedon's site and read something good."

No confessional Lutheran church nearby. Plus, my spouse is Calvinist Baptist (so far). From all of my confssional Lutheran web site "spying" :) I became convinced Will Weedon is quite "authentic" as a pastor and Christ believer. Perhaps one day I can be part of a Lutheran church with such a pastor. It may never happen on this terrestrial ball.

Hope u continue the blog.

Tory W. Sumrall said...

Born to Baptists, raised in the Missouri Synod ... started reading the blog several years ago while discerning my vocation. I was received into the Roman Catholic Church last Easter, but I don't have the heart to delete the blog from my blogroll - too much good stuff to be found!

Sparkle's Mom said...

I am a member of St. Paul's Lutheran church. I became a member only several years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes with Pastor Weedon to learn about the church and beliefs and fascinating things in the Bible. He is so enthusiastic and genuine! We will miss him at church but it's nice he will be living in our neighborhood instead of moving to STL!

Portwenn59 said...

Pastor Weedon, God's blessings to you and your family in your new capacity serving the Church. I've heard you on Issues,etc. many times. That's how I got connected to your blog. I'm a retired lifelong Lutheran in the LCMS. Looking forward hopefully to live video of chapel services each morning from the International Center in St. Louis.:)

Diane H.

Vilho said...

Congratulations on 1 M visits!

I'm a Lutheran pastor from Finland. Lutheran since my Baptism but drifted away. Was found again around 10 years ago. Ordained last Sept.

Love reading quotes and other stuff. Thank you Father William.
And also getting a lot from everything LCMS/Old Lutheran oriented folks over there. Really builds up Church here too.

Peace w you