11 April 2012


Oh, my.  Now things really start moving.  Today we do our walkthrough of the house; tomorrow we close, God willing.  Still to finish up here at St. Paul's are my final homily, a wedding on Saturday, some premarital counseling, a Baptism on Saturday, and the preschool's Easter Program.  Then, barring a funeral before the month's end, my days as pastor here are over. How odd that feels!  

Monday the movers arrive to start packing the parsonage and by Wednesday the move will be over and done.  Since work at the International Center doesn't start until May 1, I'll have a few days to decompress after this move and do some mental and emotional adjustment.  I plan on taking Lucy on lots of walks, throwing the ball to her in the fenced back yard and watching her run free (something she's only done very occasionally before).  Oh, and using my new electric lawnmower (battery powered).  Perfect for our small yard.  I'm eager to see how long it will take to actually mow.

It will be a blessing to just stroll across the yard to Dave and Jo's.  AND one of the things I will NOT MISS one little about life in the parsonage:  the non-ending roar of the traffic on the interstate.  The new house is far enough away that you really don't even notice the sound.  YEAH!!!  One thing I will miss a great deal?  Looking out the back and seeing miles of farmland and trees in the distance.  

Well, deep breath and off we plunge.


Sue said...

Re: freeway noise:My mother used to say there were blessings in being hard of hearing; I now personally understand and agree! When I'm outside (in between the freeway and a busy city street) its' very noisy. Turn off the hearing aids and I barely notice!

God bless you with the many things you mention as you move on to the next chapter of your life!

Al Bergstrazer said...

Gives me a knot in my stomach just reading it. Peace to you dear brother and to your family in this time of transition.