27 April 2012

Well, today

Cindi and I finished up at the parsonage.  We're ready to turn in the keys.  That took us till noon.  Quick showers and then down to Edwardsville for lunch at 54th Street and then some more shopping.  I really think we're just about at the end of shopping for stuff for the house.  YEAH.  Piddly stuff today - dish drainer, sashes for curtains, duster and so on.  Garage is still full of stuff for yard sale and for David's impending move.  I don't guess we'll be able to park in it again till after those two events.  Tomorrow we'll help Lauren and Dean move some pieces up to Opa's garage, also in anticipation of yard sale.  This has been the two most exhausting weeks of "vacation" I've ever had - and I couldn't even begin to keep up with Cindi as she worked tirelessly through box after box in the basement!  But the point was to get in and get settled BEFORE the big change.  And we've pulled that off mostly, thanks be to God!  Now a deep breath and then off to haunts of Synodocat...

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