16 April 2012

Sweet discovery

Cindi and I had been planning to do some vegetable gardening this year, but with the move it was rather up for grabs if we'd be able to pull anything off.  So today I'm cutting the yard, and start cutting on the BACKSIDE of the fence (it's not set on the edge of the property), and what do I discover back there, eh?  A raised vegetable garden!  It's looking a tad neglected, but I'm sure we'll be able to whip it into shape and get some veggies in the ground this year.  But someone who knows plants might have to come over and tell us if there is anything but weeds growing up in there already.  I haven't the foggiest.  Hey, I'm just a BEGINNING gardner.


rev_af_col said...

I know, you're a shepherd not a gardner.

Sage said...

Asparagus looks like big ferns and this time of year you'll still see the spears coming out of the ground.

Get a soil ph test kit to see where your soil is at. Amend as needed. Can't go wrong with compost, just till it in to the top few inches of soil.

Save your grass clippings (nitrogen) to add to your compost pile. Mix them in with leaves or other hard to break down masterial.

Beyond that, interplant flowers with some plants you can pick up at the garden center (tomatoes, peppers etc...). Have fun!

Cap'n Salty said...

Pole beans are always fun. If they have a little soil, a good deal of water, and a decent amount of sunshine you'll have enough that you can't eat all you pick while you are picking them. Some might actually get into the house. Just put a few seeds in and provide a 6-8 foot pole for them to grow up. Watch out if you hear "fee, fie, foe, fum."

William Weedon said...

Sage, you need to come up here and help me out with this!

Salty, I am not sure I like beans enough to do that. We mostly don't eat legumes. But I'm thinking there is a pumpkin vine in there. And I definitely eat pumpkin. Maybe this year we'll just do tomatoes, sweet taters, peppers, and pumpkins?

Charles Lehmann said...

Buy the book "Square Foot Gardening." He makes it so easy I can do it with relative success (and I have two black thumbs).