23 July 2012

A Catch Up Day

Since I worked on Saturday, I took today off.  What a relaxing and enjoyable day! Made breakfast for Cin and Bekah; watered the garden and plants; prayed Matins; cut grass (which is an interesting exercise in frustration given that everything except for the weeds is dead!); went for a half hour walk with Cindi when she got home; enjoyed a lunch of leftovers; cleaned up a bit in bedroom, kitchen and living room; made coffee for tomorrow a.m.; participated in my beloved and frustrating ALPB; consumed part of a pot of coffee and refilled the french press twice; enjoyed some Irish Breakfast tea in the afternoon and am now sipping some Pinot Noir; listened to a pile of Christmas music; salivating over dinner (scallops over cauliflower rice!) that is beginning to send enticing odors through the house.  I wonder if another game of cards is in the offing for the evening?  Surely MY turn to win.  Hope springs eternal.


Rev. Dustin Beck said...

the wife and I played some card game a few days ago that involved matching symbols, number, or color...and after she beat me easily the third time, I reminded her that I'm partly color-blind...we switched to Scrabble and I won by about 80 points. Maybe try that one?

William Weedon said...