30 July 2012

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

The evangelical catholic church is the true catholic church.  She does not follow the perversion of Rome which fails to distinguish properly between the two ways that God addresses and rules humanity and his church.  Nor does the evangelical catholic church fall into the schismatic divorce of these two words from each other.  Neither does the evangelical catholic church allow the confusion of these two words with each other as do those of the traditions that are neither evangelical nor Roman Catholic.  Preaching and teaching the pure gospel calls for the distinction from the law, which causes one to observe, that the two confessions represented by Rom and Geneva are like the foxes of Samson. Their heads point in different directions.  But where the fire is, their tails are tied together. —Dr. Kenneth Korby, The Pastoral Office and the Priesthood of Believers, Lord Jesus Christ, Will You Not Stay?, p. 357.

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