28 July 2012


Being rather an introvert by nature, home has always been where I prefer being more than any place in the world. That hasn't changed with the move to our new (to us) home back in April. In fact, the preference for home has grown more intense now that I no longer work from my home. I treasure every moment that I get to spend here - from the early morning breakfasts on the deck, sipping our coffee, watching the humming birds dance and the robins nest, to a lazy Saturday afternoon when the sun drenches the dining area and living room (they flow together), to the quiet evenings with some Bach playing softly on the surround-sound (I'd never had that before!) as we enjoy a glass or two of Pinot Noir to the flicker of candles on the piano and the old bench we're using as a coffee table. But most of all, most of all, I treasure the times when the children are home for a meal and the house is filled again with their raucous laughter and the conversations grow louder and louder, and the cards get pulled out.

I'm especially eager for starting new memories of holidays here. A home doesn't quite properly seem a home until there are memories in it of Thanksgiving turkeys, Christmas hymn sings, and New Year Eve parties.

I've heard tell that smell is one of the most evocative senses for nostalgia. I know that has been true for me with the smell of a wood fire. I get one whiff on a cold and gray day, and images float before my mind of the old kitchen at Grandma Bess' or Aunt Emma's - cornbread baking in the oven and coffee sitting on the stove, and somehow the warmth in the house (which was more than the fire in the wood stove, but that seems closely akin to it) had the promise beating back the encroaching chill. This house has a real fire-place and even though if you step outside it feels like you're IN a roaring fire, I am still eagerly anticipating the day I come home and there's a fire in the hearth with that wondrous smell that says "home" to my nose and memory like nothing else.


Paul McCain said...

It is however that you, a self-proclaimed introvert, feel a need to post pictures of your home to the whole world via the Internet.

What does this mean?

I say that you are a fake introvert, with a need for self-revelation to the world.

Consider it.

True introverts, like me, would not remotely think of posting photos of their home and favorite place.

In other words, you are an amateur introvert.

Join the big league!

William Weedon said...

You silly goose. Introvert has nothing to do with the comfort level of sharing and everything to do with whether you are energized or drained by time with other people.

Dixie said...

Actually, I think the definition of introvert as being charged or drained by people is only part of the analysis. There are many other components which define the personality preferences of introversion and extroversion. I had to be "typed" as part of a an extensive leadership training program at work. Although my extrovert score was very strong, I was typed as a more "rare" extrovert in that extended time with people does drain me. But there are other aspects of my preferences which characterize me as extrovert. ENTP to be complete...although my N and T are fairly balanced and depending upon the day I can go either way. E and P however are very strong.

Glad you are settling in and enjoying your new digs. Keep the photos coming!

William Weedon said...


If you all ever visit your old home-town, I sure hope you give us a shout and let us fix you some primal fare. After all these years, it would be more like a gathering of old friends than a first meet.