13 July 2012

Tempus Fugit

and all that.  But honestly!  Tonight we celebrate a couple days  early two special birthdays:  Dave DeVries, my father-in-law, turns 75.  David Weedon, my son, turns 24.  They share the same birthday:  July 15.  Together they total 99 years. And neither seems possible.

I remember Dave as a younger man - dark haired, thin, always friendly and quite the singer and actor.  He was just shy of 40 when he took me and a whole parcel full of young ones down to Florida for Jesus 77 - we were packed into the black caddy and I still remember the night we spent in Georgia, where Spring had come early and we sat talking into the night.  I also remember a trip to Ocean City - a day's dash.  Only the car broke down, and Dave was having intense back pain.  He got it fixed, though, and I stayed with him as the girls went on to the beach and had their day in the sun.  He taught me the importance that day of being servant - and all without saying a word about it.  Just by the way he behaved.  He did what needed doing and all without a word of complaint - he wasn't the least bit grim, just cheerful (and this while being in constant pain)!

I remember David as the chunky little one with the raspy voice and the startling bright mind.  The things he'd come up with!  Like it was yesterday, I remember picking him up from preschool and riding up to Hardee's in Staunton.  I said:  "David, your door's open."  His response at 4?  "No, papa.  The word is 'ajar.'  When the door is open it's 'ajar.'"  That's my son.

Anyway, I've been hugely blessed by both my Davids. They continue to inspire me and I thank God for both of them.

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David Garner said...

Many years to them both!