03 July 2012

One of the joys

of having the missionary orientation last week and this has been closing each day in the IC Chapel, chanting Evening Prayer together. The chapel has a quite different feel in the late afternoon light. We gather in silence and the peace just begins seeping in after all the rush of the day - the candles flickering on either side of the altar, all the brighter for the fading light in the sky. Our pianists (Pr. Vieker and Pr. Ahlman) have done a superior job of conveying the actual spirit of this beautiful liturgy. From Phos Hilaron to Psalm 141, from Magnificat to the Great Litany (Ektenia), from the chanting of psalms to the singing of the evening hymns - all together conspire to drive anxiety and fear from the heart and to fill it with the peaceful joy and the joyful peace that flow from the presence of the Blessed Trinity.

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