12 July 2012

One of the treats

of this time of year is Cindi and I enjoying our coffee (and sometimes our breakfast) out on the deck in the morning.  The birds singing and flying all about.  The noise of the traffic muted in that odd early morning way.  The sun just beginning to creep over the horizon, bathing all things in that golden glow.  We chat a bit, sip a bit, look around a bit.  And then all too soon, it's quarter after and I'm off to the International Center.  I wonder if we'll do it when the sun isn't quite up yet?  The days are fast approaching when I'll be leaving in the dark and before long, I suppose, arriving in the dark. 


Brad said...

Boy, your writing sometimes reminds me of Ernest Hemingway's,often so graphic and descriptive you wish you were there! Now I,too, am thinking of the days shortening and what all that means for my morning and evening routines. Fun to put that under review, something I would never have done but for your writing. When's the book coming out?

Larry Luder said...

Rejoice it Fr Weedon while it last. God blesses countless ways that we can’t even pen them all. Glad to didn’t let this one go unnoticed.