04 July 2012

Life at the IC...some thoughts

Well, it's been two full months since I began my duties as Director of Worship and Chaplain of the International Center. Time for some reflections, I suppose.

* I thought I'd dry up and die not celebrating the Sacrament each week; I've blessedly discovered that receiving the Sacrament is by far the better part.  I'm happy to receive Eucharist each week, though I did enjoy celebrating the Eucharist at the Deaconess Conference.  Hope Lutheran sponsored it, but Pr. Asburry kindly let me preside.

* I think I'm preaching and teaching even more than I did at St. Paul's - between leading National Mission weekly devotions, chapel services (both at 1333 and at LCEF), interviews on Issues Etc., and being Catechist for the Missionary Orientation.

* The chapel is rather a peaceful haven in the midst of a building that is frequently all too rush-rush (though very careful and cautious in output).

* The art that fills the IC is really amazing - and I think my favorite is probably the stained glass of the O Antiphons (hidden away on the fourth floor!).

* I only have the drowning sensation occasionally anymore - this is a good thing.  Rachel Asburry has been remarkable in her patience and her gentle tutelage and the Synod has not the first clue how much she has done since the last convention to keep things up and running in the area of worship (Let Us Pray; Lectionary Summaries; and much more).

* I still get to do hospital calls, deal with the indigent, answer theological questions of all sorts, and have constant surprises each day.

* I enjoy the drive - it's a guaranteed time of solitude each day and I usually spend it in prayer or in listening to music (lately have been revisiting CPH's fine set on Luther's music).  BUT I enjoy the drive a lot more when I get in early (I try to arrive at or before 7) and can get out of the building before rush hour starts in earnest.

* For a while I brought my lunch and ate at my desk, but I've found that just skipping lunch generally works well.  I might bring along a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit and call it done.

* It's been hard to find the time to actually exercise.  I've just started using the fitness center at the IC and plan on using that gym to "lift heavy things" a couple times a week.  I do a lot of up and down the stairs, though, and never take the elevator.

* I like it when President Harrison is around the building - he has the gift of just putting a smile on folks' face.  Such a tall and solidly built fellow, and yet with the softest of voices.  I miss a lot of what he says because I just can't hear him, but I love it when he preaches for us.  He has the gift of giving us Jesus consistently.

* I am still not sure of the "culture clash" between Weedon's "let's get it done yesterday" and the IC's more cautious and careful approach.  That's been interesting.

* There are LOTS of really great folk serving there and it's a joy to actually work beside and with them.

And that's about all for the moment.  Oh, and do I miss St. Paul's?  Is God a Jew?  Of course!


William Gleason said...

I want to see the stained glass.

JKRadke said...

"The art that fills the IC is really amazing - and I think my favorite is probably the stained glass of the O Antiphons (hidden away on the fourth floor!)."

Hey, no fair talking about this and then having no pictures, lol :-D

Richsheri1 said...

My heart leaps for joy for you, brother Will, that so much is going so well.

Rich Futrell