30 November 2014

Advent arrives

today with its ever joyful hope of repentance and renewal. The new man welcomes each of the penitential seasons as a fresh opportunity to assault the old man and his wretched ways that ever come creeping back in to corrupt our lives and destroy faith. The Epistle for this day sounds that note particularly. And this assault on the old man is possible because of the certain foundation in which the new man stands:

Sin's debt, that fearful burden,
Cannot His love erase;
Your guilt the Lord will pardon
And cover by His grace.
He comes, for you procuring
The peace of sin forgiv'n,
His children thus securing
Eternal life in heav'n. 
LSB 334:6

It was a blessing to hear the Gospel from the lips of our dear District President, Pr. Timothy Scharr, in both the Divine Service and Bible Class, and to receive the gift anew of the Savior's body and blood, praying and singing together:

Enter now my waiting heart,
Glorious King and Lord most holy.
Dwell in me and ne'er depart,
Though I am but poor and lowly.
Ah, what riches will be mine
When Thou art my guest divine!
LSB 350:2

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