28 November 2014

The Advent Fast

is almost upon us. I know that in the world around us, "the holidays" have begun. But in contast to the world, in the Church these are quiet and contemplative days. She provides a joyous haven from the insane gluttony and indulgence. In the Divine Service, the Greater Gloria is silenced and the Kyrie may be extended. Come this Saturday it will be time to light the first candle on the wreath. This year, our family will be reading in the evenings from God With Us: Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany Sermons by David H. Petersen. The traditional weekly Wednesday and Friday fasts might well be augmented with the Ember Saturday fast (this year, December 20). And best of all, in so many of our parishes Vespers or Evening Prayer will be offered on Wednesdays. These are truly my favorite Vespers of the year. Something about heading off to church with your breath puffing in the cold air and the twinkling lights shining out of the cold dark vault above, summoning us to join in praise of their Creator: Creator of the stars of night... At the IC in our chapels on Tuesdays and Thursdays we'll be meditating on the Great O Antiphons. We'll pray them in Treasury on December 16 thruough the 23. We decided this year to keep the fast by decorating much later in our home. A few "winter" things may appear, but the Christmas goodies will wait for at least the time of the Great O's and we'll keep the full twelve days.

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Mark said...

Advent has become a favorite season for the very reasons you've described. While everyone is busy trying to score a bargain, the peace of trusting that my life rests in Christ who has come in the flesh, who still comes in the gift of his body and blood, and who will come again is unsurpassed. My copy of Peterson's book arrived Wednesday and the bits I've skimmed are brilliant. Now I only wish I were closer to the IC to hear the reflections on the O Antiphons.