02 November 2014

Joyous All Saints Celebration

As is the custom in so many of our parishes, St. Paul's transferred All Saints to this Sunday (traditionally, All Souls), and commemorated especially the faithful departed of St. Paul's whose pilgrimage ended since the last All Saints celebration. Pr. Ball read not only the names but, I suspect, the confirmation verses of the deceased. Each was marked with the tolling of the great bell.

A great treat was hearing Pr. Sharp, Synod's new missionary to Uruguay, preach on the Beatitutudes (best sermon on them I've ever heard) and present in Bible Class on the nature of the mission. Did you know that Uruguay is overwhelmingly folks of European descent and that it is the only Latin American country where the majority of the country is not Roman Catholic?

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Elsa Quanbeck said...

What a "cool" tradition - to read the confirmation verses. We have all but lost giving confirmation verses to folks in many churches. In my day growing up, people could tell you not only their own verse, but those of siblings and relatives.

Kindest regards,
Elsa Quanbeck