08 November 2014


Bit of a longish day. Got up by six to get over to seminary to lead Matins for the opening of the Infertility Ethics Symposium. Pr. Pless preached the first service. Then Pastor Cwirla did the perfect opening presentation, wrapping us up in the Biblical narrative and so allowing the Spirit to open our eyes to new ways of seeing all things.

Right after he wrapped up, I headed back home and changed. Cindi and I headed into Edwardsville to pick up a few items and then head over to David and Meaghan's for Lydia's birthday party. She was back on October 30th, but this was when the family could gather to celebrate. She had a great time, though I think she was surprised by all these people invading her home. Got to see David's landscaping up close and the kitchen he's building for Lydia. How on earth did I ever end up with such a handy son? Amazing! After Lydia opened her presents, we headed back home. I changed and headed back to St. Louis.

Got there just in time to hear Pr. Esget's absolutely stunning presentation. So much to think about! And so utterly practical. Beautiful stuff.

I had to cut short the last presentation to get stuff ready for Vespers. Dork that I am, I FORGOT THE CANDLES. I noticed halfway through Vespers that they were not lit. Oh well. Dr. Gibbs gave us the goods in the sermon on Romans 8:26ff. Headed back home for a quiet evening of Sch├╝tz and a glass of wine. Cindi's off bowling and Bekah is watching something on her iPad in her room. And that's about a wrap.

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