26 November 2014

The light snowfall

had me remembering the day Daddy died and then I remembered. Yesterday marked the 20th year since Mom passed away. And this January 5th will mark the 35th since Daddy died. I always feel sadness with the holidays come and think of those who have gone and who never got to know their wonderful grandchildren (and great children) and nephew and nieces. And hard as it is to fathom this will be the second Thanksgiving and Christmas without our dear Jo. 

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Anonymous said...

Jan 5, 2015 will mark the first anniversary of my father's death -- it will also be my birthday. At first I was kind of mad that my dad died on my birthday however, after quickly thinking about it I realized that it was a wonderful gift - my father entered his eternal reward on my birthday -- how wonderful. Thanks be to God.

I enjoy your blog Pastor Weedon. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving with your family.