15 November 2014

On food

Great meals today! 

Breakfast: sausage, egg (we get the best eggs from Shirley!), potatoes (reheated and fried) and spinach and onions. And Cindi and I MIGHT have downed two pots of coffee between us. And that ws before I pulled out the french press.

Lunch: a big salad with some of our home grown tomatoes (a handful left, still ripening in the kitching window) with all kinds of veggies and topped with wild caught smoked sock-eye salmon and hardboiled egg. Very, very good.


Kathleen in CA said...

That all sounds yummy. We haven't had our dinner yet-homemade Beef Barley soup warming on the stove.

Thank you for the great "Thy Strong Word" studies!


William Weedon said...

You're most welcome!

andrea chiu said...

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