03 May 2015

A Cantate Confirmation

It was a packed church today as twelve young people made their confirmation vows and received their first communion. It was not your typical confirmation class, I don't think. It was a group of young people who have borne already a significantly heavy load of sorrow and suffering. A set of triplets had lost their dear mom to breast cancer a couple years ago.  The image of the holy family, given in her loving remembrance, looked down upon them.  A young lad confirmed today has fought a tremendous battle against leukemia, bid farewell to numerous friends, and still soldiers on, with his twin brother beside him who has always shared the struggle as if it were his own. A young lady has also fought the cancer battle and came out the winner. And that young lady's mom has battled it twice. She also saw her uncle buried not two months ago.  The uncle of another young lady is battling brain cancer. These folks are all friends and suffering is no stranger to their company. 

Pastor dwelt upon the promise they would make by the grace of God to face death itself rather than deny the One who washed away their sin in Baptism. He reminded them that in 50 years our beautiful church may be bulldozed by evil men who will try to force them to deny their Savior. Images of the recent martyrdoms filled our minds. 

The great bell tolled once as each one's name was read and each stepped forward and knelt to receive the blessing. No question, this confirmation was different. The Savior has already seen them through so much. He will surely see them all the way home. And so despite the pain and the ominous clouds on the horizon, it was a bright day of overflowing joy. 


ginnie said...

After reading about the confirmands, it truly is a group of kids who have already experienced the future. May the Lord continue to strengthen them in their faith.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful church!