27 May 2015

New bike...

...well, almost. In consultation with Dean (the family's acknowledged Bike-meisterr), ordered a Giant Sedona hybrid. Maybe here tomorrow or Friday. Can't wait to hit the trails with Cindi again! I wish I could commute with it, but three hours on bike on either end may be a TAD too much. Still, have been thinking through all the stuff we could do without the cars (even shopping in Edwardsville isn't out of the question). Cindi picked up a nifty new basket today. I might pick one up too one of these days.

Aside from bike shopping, we went for another long walk in the sun (and it was all sun today). 

Then a couple hours in the pool, dinner, and some projects around the house. The sun is beginning to set while Pandora is cranking out stunningly gorgeous celtic harp music. Another great day, thanks be to God!

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