24 May 2015

The Feast of Pentecost

What a joyous feast day! For preservice, Carlo gave us Durufle's Veni Creator. Choir sang a Gounod "Spirit of God" and then also the Franck Veni Creator in Latin. The congregation belted out "O Holy Spirit" (17th century), "Come, Holy Ghost" (16th century), "Holy Spirit, Light Divine" (19th century), "Creator Spirit by Whose Aid" (9th century), "Come Down, O Love Divine" (14th century) and the closing hymn was "O Day Full of Grace" (15th century).  A span of over a thousand years in the hymns!

The sermon began with pastor reminding us that if we think we need a little peace and quiet, we need to think with our God, who indeed wants to give us peace, but not through quiet; through speaking instead, through His Words!  

I confess, I still miss the whereat in the Preface. Whereat the whole world rejoiceth with exceeding joy! Still the whole day reminded me of the St. Seraphim of Sarov line: "The Holy Spirit turns to joy whatever He touches." He touched this day and gave it to us as a way of entering into His joy!

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