22 May 2015

Primal Progress...

...been almost six months since a return to strictly primal eating and exercising. (You might recall that it became really difficult to figure out how to do this when I took the job at Synod!) Am soooo glad to be back on track!

Beginning back in February, I started using the gizmo in the gym at work that lets you know your body fat. Started out at over 17 percent (and I'd have loved to know what it was back in November when I was weighing some twenty-five pounds more than I do now). Today was excited to note that I'm at 10.2 percent body fat, with BMI of 21. Not too shabby for a man who will turn 55 this fall!

Lately, I've been mostly just doing body weight exercises for strength. Today was the first time I was able to do 300 push ups, 120 squats, 36 pull ups and 60 sit ups. The body weight exercises I do only twice a week. I walk most days a minimum of 30 minutes, and I run the days I don't walk. Have faithfully kept up with sprints (on stationary bike) once a week. Also, I NEVER take the elevators at work, and run up and down the stairs a bit (iPhone says 20 floors today). I've pretty much given up lunch to have the time to do these workouts, and don't miss the chow (or the expense) one little bit.

I feel as though I've fought my way back to where I was when working on the goal of fabulously fit by fifty. But fought isn't the right word, really. It's been ridiculously simple. Not easy, but simple. I'd recommend anyone at all to give it a try!


Joe said...

Wow. 300 push-ups! First time hearing about this primal plan.

Briefly looking at the website...I am surprised to hear that it was simple. The exercise part looks simple but the dietary aspect looks impossible.

Are you pretty much sticking to the dietary program as well?

joy said...

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