12 May 2015

Lutheran Service Book in your pocket

Yup. CPH came out with this gem. You can have your Synod's Hymnal in your phone either as part of a Kindle app, or if you have an Apple product, as an iBooks download. I've worked a bit with both. In my opinion, iBooks wins.

All the contents of the pew edition are there plus all the Psalms. A little hard to see the notes on your iPhone 6 (haven't checked it out on a Plus), but clear enough on an iPad or even iPad mini.

Bookmarks are a breeze to set, and then you can quickly flip through your order of service and your hymns.

Yes, I confess. I have used it for leading Chapel at the IC. I did it to see if it could be done, but I confess I much prefer the physical books for that. And similarly, if I'm in the congregation. I want the physical book in my hand. But having the hymnal in my pocket for the radio show, for Bible classes, for my own devotions...well, wow!

The cost is just under $20 and it's worth every dime. What on earth will CPH come out with next?


Paul McCain said...
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Paul McCain said...

Thanks, Pastor Weedon, for the kind words. eLSB is amazing!

Now could you perhaps give a gentle nudge to your colleagues at the IC in the communications department to promote this on the LCMS Facebook page and in their news releases?

I want as many people as possible to discover this treasure in a new format!