31 May 2015

Joyous Feast of the Holy Trinity

It's the capstone of the semester Domini and the entrance to the semester Ecclesia, the Feast of the. Holy Trinity. We celebrated together at St. Paul's and then I got to play for the feast at Trinity in Worden.   There is something about the hymns, readings and prayers on this day. The entire liturgy's Trinitarian focus, which is always there, comes into sharp relief. Invocation, absolution, Gloria Patri, Kyrie, Gloria in Exclesis, termination to collects,  triple alleluia, Athanasian, triple Sanctus and Benedictus, triple form of Agnus, Gloria Patri again at the Nunc, and then triple form in Aaronic benediction answered with three Amens. Trinity from start to finish! Indeed, we cry out every Sunday but today explicitly so: Blessed be the holy Trinity and the undivided Unity! Let us give glory to Him because He has shown His mercy to us! (Introit).

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