26 May 2015

A restorative day

Slept in a bit, and then made breakfast for Cindi and me before she headed out to work. We finished praying Matins together as a storm rolled in. Cindi left, and I enjoyed some french press coffee. Then began work out. By the time all was done 333 push ups, 130 squats, 100 sit ups, and 50 pull ups, and about two hours of walking (yes, I'm obsesive about counting every little bit). The final hour and half or so was with Cindi when she came home. We walked up to the farm and back. The wind was howling on the prairie, and the sky was alternately cloudy or brightly sunny. Absolutely beautiful. We grabbed some left overs, put on Angelo's latest podcast (outstanding as usual!), and floated in the pool for a while. It was finally so cloudy and chilly, we ended up finishing the podcast sitting on the deck. Table is set and Cindi's fixing up a chicken dish for dinner. Hopefully some Liverpool this evening to cap out the day.

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