11 August 2006

Ack! How did it happen?

How did my baby turn 19???? Here's a pic of the lovely Lauren with (as he's known around these parts) "the amazing Dean!" (Hey, we ALL agree he IS amazing). Lauren's been missing Dean pretty badly this summer - and I think it works the other way round too. Dean's been working at a camp in Alaska, and Lauren's been at a camp in exciting Southern Illinois. Next week they get to see each other again, and I *think* they're both a little excited about that.

But it was 19 years ago today that I first got to see that beautiful face - and I got to hold her before her mom did too! She was a c-section baby. When she was born, old Henry Huepenbecker told me: "She's born on my birthday! I think you should name her Henrietta." Well, she dodged that bullet. (Henry is a story for another time - delightful man and unbelievably agile into his 90's!). I remember the nights of holding and rocking her and singing hymns to her (she really liked "A Stable Lamp is Lighted" - I could just tell!). And now she's so grown up, so independent.

Well, LEW, happy birthday! We love you!!!!


Mimi said...

Happy Birthday and Many Years! Is her middle name Henrietta?

William Weedon said...

Thanks, Mimi! Her middle name is Elizabeth. No, not after St. Elizabeth the New Martyr, but after her mother's grandmother and my favorite Aunt. They were both Elizabeth and both sweet and wonderful people. So poor Henry just didn't get his wish! But he seemed very happy at her Baptism into Christ, all the same.