31 August 2006

Not himself

Today I finished up my shut-ins. Had a great visit with Wilma and Ed. Frieda and Lenora seemed a bit out of it, the fog gathers with both of them. Frederick was in good shape, but Alfred. My sweet Alfred. He has more than a touch of Alzheimers and is just not himself, not at all. He confessed his sins and received absolution and he prayed the Our Father, but he turned down our Lord's body and blood. You would have to know Alfred. He would NEVER turn down the Sacrament. He's just not himself. I confess that I hate this disease that holds him in its grip. And I pray for the day of his full and final healing. His dear wife Clara (together with Wilma) is like my own mom, and I hate to think of her having to hear the things he says. The thing that is so utterly clear is that it is NOT Alfred, but the disease. Lord Jesus, you can reach beyond all the barriers of disease - touch your servant Alfred with your loving care and give him again Your peace and Your joy! Amen!

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Chaz said...

Oh my... I am about to pray compline and will include Alfred and Clara. I'm sure that it was devestating to her to see her husband refuse the Lord's Supper.