12 August 2006

Another New Favorite

When You woke that Thursday morning,
Savior, teacher, faithful friend,
Thoughts of self and safety scorning,
Knowing how the day would end;
Lamb of God, foretold for ages,
Now at last the hour had come
When but One could pay sin's wages;
You assumed their dreadful sum.

Never so alone and lonely,
Longing with tormented heart
To be with Your dear and only
For a quiet hour apart;
Sinless Lamb and fallen creature,
One last paschal meal to eat,
One last lesson as their teacher,
Washing Your disciples feet.

What was there that You could give them
That would never be outspent,
What great gift that would outlive them,
What last will and Testament?
"Show me and the world you love Me,
Know me as the Lamb of God:
Do this in remembrance of Me,
Eat this body, drink this blood."

One in faith, in love united,
All one body, You the head,
When we meet, by You invited,
You are with us as You said.
One with You and one another
In a unity sublime,
See in us Your sister, brother,
One in ev'ry place and time.

One day all the Church will capture
That bright vision glorious,
And Your saints will know the rapture
That Your heart desired for us,
When the longed for peace and union
Of the Greatest and the least
Meet in joyous, blest communion
In Your never-ending feast.

--(A Maundy Thursday Hymn, by Jaroslav Vajda) LSB #445


Michael Dwyer said...
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Michael Dwyer said...


Thank you for pointing this one out.I received the book yesterday and have been overwhelmed by the treasures found in it.

William Weedon said...


It's got tons of goodies, hasn't it! I've so enjoyed exploring it the last little bit. I've got a lot more to go. I'm trying to get the new hymns committed to memory (at least as far as subject matter goes) and I don't think I've set myself a more joyous task ever before! : )