23 August 2006


You know what I mean. Whew. But it is progressing along nicely, Deo gratias! This week is the first week our parish school is in session, and we had the great joy yesterday of installing Pastor Keith GeRue as the Headmaster of Trinity-St. Paul. We also had fun trying to sing Matins from LSB (without all the music for the organist). Good thing Christians live in mutual forgiveness so that the wondrously long-suffering Marianne HAS to forgive me for throwing that mess at her. The GeRues had another truckload arrive yesterday afternoon and we off-loaded that - St. Paul members coming out of the wood work to help out, and all at a moment's notice. Pastor GeRue will be installed as Associate Pastor at both Trinity Lutheran in Worden and St. Paul's in Hamel in a joint-service on September 3rd at Trinity at 3:00 p.m. The Divine Service will be offered, at which Pastor GeRue will preside, and St. Gregory the Great will be commemorated. Anyone in shoutin' distance, come on down!

You can read a bit about Pastor GeRue here.


DebD said...

come down - at 3AM?? I think I'll still be in bed. LOL

Glad your week is going swimmingly.


William Weedon said...

LOL. Aw shucks. I thought were INTO all night vigils...

Got it fixed!

Anonymous said...

LOL only at Pascha or only when I'm ROCOR


tutal said...

I wish it were at 3 AM, then I could make it. However that will be at the same time that I have Sacristanal duties for the opening service of the Seminary. Wish I could make it.