28 August 2006


What does a day hold?

Email, and news that my cousin Debbie is on life-support (God grant her healing!) + Breakfast + Shower + Matins + Opening at our school + 5-6th Grade Class on Creation + 7-8th Grade Class on Creation (should mention the joy of the "a-ha" that Benedict XVI points out in the creation account as a sort of "anti-Babylonian" tract - their "gods" don't even get names, just the greater and lesser light. Good stuff. I owe Pastor Gregory that book back. Someday...) + Sacrament to my oldest member, currently hospitalized + Sacrament to an older man in a nursing home + Lunch + Visit to the dentist (my wife is under the impression that the denist does not rip the gum away from the tooth; she is wrong) + Sacrament to a member who lives in a retirement village some 30 miles away + Vespers + Dinner + Work on Hymn Database for St. Paul's use of LSB + Day Care Board Meeting + Miscellaneous Blogging and sipping my fine boxed chablis and before bed, Compline

In short, a good day, but not much time to spend at the keyboard. Tomorrow promises to be another such - but all the visits with the Sacrament tomorrow will be local.



Fr. Hank said...

A bon pastor,,,,,, a Kierkegaardian invisible saint.

lew said...

two things...who is Debbie...? secondly...you're old. I'm getting married!

William Weedon said...

Debbie Weedon - Uncle Edgar's oldest daughter (Debbie, then Ginger, then Tim). And I am not old. You are just a child. Don't forget it! : )

ConcordiaFan said...

No, actually...you are old.

"Grandpa" get used to it.

William Weedon said...

How mean!!!! ;)

Mimi said...

Prayers for Debbie. What an exhausting day.