07 August 2006

Future Hunter?

I think not. My brother sent this to me today. It shows quite accurately how comfortable this boy is around fire arms. And yes, "this boy" is me (as if you couldn't already tell from the eyes - but they look even bigger than normal!). LOL!!!


Chris said...

Didn't you're parents get you aquainted with laser rifles and "Buck Roger's" gear at an early age? Or are flaming arms too much? :-D.


William Weedon said...


Now you are bringing back memories. Yes, I had lots of toy guns that did all sorts of fun things. But the real rifle, well, it did and it does make me nervous! : )

Carl Vehse said...

With your index finger on the trigger and your thumb on the bolt, which appears to be in the forward position, and the picture taken with a flashbulb going off, it's a good thing the rifle was previously checked to make sure it was unloaded... wasn't it? ;-)

William Weedon said...

Dr. Strickert,

I haven't the foggiest! But it does appear that you have astutely observed a rather frightening fact!