13 August 2006

Hope in St. Louis

Cindi and I hate missing church at St. Paul's, but when vacation time rolls around, we usually attend elsewhere. Hard to be "on vacation" and "at home." This morning, we ventured down into St. Louis and attended Hope Lutheran Church where Pastor Randy Asburry serves, together with Kantor Stephen Rosebrock, who also plays the organ. What a blessing this morning to worship with this parish! Pastor Asburry preached a very targeted sermon based on the Gospel for this Sunday after Trinity - the Unjust Steward. The music supplied by Kantor Rosebrock was a real treat to listen to and sing with. The liturgy was LW DS II, Setting 1, and the hymns all undergirded and supported the Word proclaimed. What a joy to receive our Lord's body and blood and His precious Gospel in a buildling that also proclaimed the joy of Christ's victory in stone, wood, glass, pipe and wind.


Michael Dwyer said...

I never had occasion to visit this church when I lived in St. Louis (I attended Old Trinity in Soulard) but from what I have heard about it, it will be a destination on my next visit.

William Weedon said...

Did you know the Riklis?

Michael Dwyer said...

I think I remember meeting them.
I have been in California for 18 years so my memory of individual parishoners isn't very sharp. Things have changed and the congregation has grown quite a bit since then.