22 November 2006

Cats: Part II

And WHY do pregnant mother cats keep showing up on my doorstep and making their home in my garage??? We've been through this twice before. Our two outdoor cats were spayed. And now ANOTHER one arrives. And she is not tame, she will not let you get near her. She just lives in our garage, eats our cats' food, and looks - well, positively needy. Sigh. Kittens. Grrr.


Justin said...

Hey,may be you are a very harmless guy they can rely upon!!hehe..just kidding! You can check out this post on kitty-drollery . I hope u'll 've real fun..

take care

Fr. Hank said...

You must have "sucker" written all over you.
Kitties can read, you know.

Maria said...

A had a cat like that. She just showed up one day, and wouldn't let anyone near her for about six months. When she finally did, however, she was the sweetest thing. Disappeared about a year ago.